Breathwork With Peter Nathaniel Lee

A journey of self-discovery and release through specific breathing techniques.

Deep breathing techniques designed to bring you into a state of deep relaxation, Breathwork techniques release blocked energy and other stresses stored in the body.

The breath practice allows you to tune into your own inner resource for healing and often results in greater mental clarity, deep relaxation and bliss.

Peter Nathaniel Lee...
"When I was sixteen I did what many teenagers do. I made a mistake. A big one. It led to me leave home far too young and to join the Armed Forces. Given the nature of the training required to survive and thrive in that environment, a process of separation began within me - Feelings, Body, Emotions and Spirit.

When I left four years later, I began a quest of discovery that took me all over the world and to explore many modalities, Spiritual termed or otherwise, to find that alchemic solution, to re-join what had been broken. To find Unification.

After several years working in London for a Mental Health and Addiction Service, under-going therapy myself and pursuing my own self enquiry, I was left feeling hollowed out and uninspired bywhat people were offered in order to heal. So my search continued for an integrated, holistic practice, that would combine the Mental and Emotional approach guidance of therapy, but include the body and Spiritual aspect of ourselves too.

That search led me to Bali, where I discovered Breathwork with the amazing Christabel Zamor. Impressed by the Joy and power of her Breath of Bliss, I was inspired to enquire further with Breathwork. Half a year later I returned to Bali and began my studies with the founder of the Bali School of Breathwork, the loving and wise Anthony Abbagnano, and his Alchemy of Breath. As well as completing and assisting on many Alchemy of Breath workshops and weekend immersions, I completed the Clarity of Breathwork, Rebirthing program with Dana and Ashanna to further my experience with Breathwork.

Since then I have held space for Breathwork at Bali Spirit Festival, Create a Life you Love retreat, Yoga Barn Seven day Detox, and our weekly offering at Intuitive Flow.
With Breathwork, I feel I have found the practice I have been searching for. One which combines and integrates all aspects of our amazing selves. I look forward to sharing the Self-Healing, Self- Mastery technique, and healing power of Breathwork with you too."

Date: 11th August 2015
Time: 7:30pm - 9:30pm
Venue: 66 Kampong Bugis, #06-01 Singapore 338987
Cost: $50 per person
To Bring: A yoga mat if you have one

Tue Aug 11, 2015
7:30 PM - 9:30 PM SGT
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Nirvana Mind @ Kilo Lounge
Standard SOLD OUT $50.00
Venue Address
66 Kampong Bugis, #06-01, 338987 Singapore
Closest MRT's: Lavender & Kallang
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